Our Course

Valley Point Golf Course is an executive-style 9-hole golf course with a driving range and putting green. This non-traditional course can be enjoyed by golfers of all abilities, from beginners to seasoned and serious players.

The expertly designed course has a mixture of golf holes that range from open, prairie-style holes to challenging woodland holes. The three finishing holes play around a lake that can be both scenic and punishing. Three sets of tees offer golfers a range of options, and with a variety of hole lengths, the course is designed so that golfers are able to use every club in their bags.

The use of Native Kansas grasses, along with artificial greens, make Valley Point Golf Course one of the most ecologically sensitive golf courses ever constructed. Less water, pesticide and herbicide usage means happier and more abundant wildlife, which also translates into happier golfers.

A Taylor-Made course

From the outset, Valley Point Golf Course was “Taylor Made.”  The course was designed by Taylor Zimbelman, who has built more than 70 golf courses in 20 different countries. Zimbelman is an associate member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects. And, because Zimbelman was born and raised in nearby Wichita, Kansas, he understands the nuances of Kansas play, from the ever-present wind to the ecological resources that golf courses work to preserve. Zimbelman continues to live with his family in Wichita and remains a committed partner in the success of Valley Point Golf Course. 

Want an inside track on playing Valley Center's links? You can find “Taylor’s Tips” for each hole on the Hole Information page.

Redexim Base-Rake

Our Greens

There are many things that make Valley Point Golf Course unique, including the Tour Greens synthetic grass system that offer a tour-quality playing experience that remains consistent week after week—without the maintenance downtime that is typical of natural grass greens.

To ensure proper grooming of the greens, the expert staff at Valley Point Golf Course uses a Redexim Base-Rake to gently lift the greens and level the playing field. Through this meticulous grooming process, Valley Point Golf Course maintains its ability to be open throughout the year, a true benefit for enthusiasts.

Rental Carts

Valley Point Golf Course was designed as a walking course for many reasons. Not only does walking the course promote fitness and exercise, but human-powered mobility encourages less disruption of surrounding wildlife — and greater opportunities for quiet observation.  However,  Valley Point Golf Course also recognizes the importance of being accessible to those who have a passion for the sport.  To that end, Valley Point Golf Course offers the rental of five single-seat Golf Trike Cruisers. These quiet-operation cruisers are ideal for golfers who need the convenience and assistance of a cart to help them play the course.

Golf Cart

Regular Golf Carts

Although the initial intent of Valley Point Golf Course was to be a nice walkable course to help promote exercise and fitness, the staff and Board of the Valley Center Recreation Commission recognized that there would be some golfers that could not walk the 1.2 mile course without the assistance of some type of cart.

Initially the staff and Board looked at carts that would be much more turf friendly to the grass, could be charged with current electric capacity and could be stored in the clubhouse garage. Thus 5 Golf Trike Cruisers (single seat carts) were purchased.

But as time has evolved, some still felt that even the Golf Trike Cruisers were not conducive to some of their needs of all the golfers.

On March 13, 2016 the Board of the Valley Center Recreation Commission approved an expenditure of close to $13,000.00 to have asphalt cart areas (primarily around the tree boxes and greens) constructed that would allow for Valley Point Golf Course to facilitate the use of regular golf carts on the course. Additionally, at this meeting, the Board officially approved the use of privately owned regular style golf carts (with turf friendly tires) to be used on the course, once the owners have paid their "trail fee" charge of either $7.00 per day or $210.00 per year. Download the full ordinance here.